2022 Sales Report

2022 was an excellent year for California solar.

By the 3rd quarter, a whopping 38,145MW of solar had already been installed. That’s enough solar to power 10,510,648 homes and provide 27.3% of the state’s electrical power!*

Helping people go solar has been my goal for the past decade. I’m very proud to be part of the local industry. And grateful to my clients for helping make 2022 a banner year for California solar. I’m just one solar consultant out of many. But my year-end sales report reflects the ongoing demand for clean, affordable energy.

The Report

Year-End Sales Wrap-up

Total Leads: 116
Total Sales: $1,586,777
Close Rate, including Referrals: 45%
Close Rate of Non-Referral leads: 35%
Closed Deals: 52 (18 were referrals)
Total Installations: 445kW
Average Installation: 8.56kW
Average Price/Sale: $30,515

For perspective, a good close rate in the solar industry is between 14 and 22%.** So for every 100 prospects, 14-22 should close. I owe my excellent close rate to my experience working with local installers. And to my reputation as a solar educator and unbiased consultant.

Let’s work together in 2023! Whether you’re a local installer who needs a closer or a home or business owner who needs expert solar advice, I’m here to help.
Happy New Year!
Mike Shaheen, Solar Broker

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