The Enphase Energy System

It’s a New Day for Solar

The smart, all-in-one energy system for homes and small businesses.

Now you can design an energy system that’s right for you, with solar, battery, and software that works together.

This is the new energy future we’ve been waiting for!

Enphase Energy is the leading supplier of microinverter-based solar and battery systems that enable people to make, use, save, and even sell their own power – and control it all with a smart mobile app.

Enphase IQ8 MicroInverter
Enphase IQ8 Microinverter

Microgrid-forming technology provides sunlight backup during outages, and IQ8’s super-fast response times remove Enphase battery sizing limitations.

Enphase IQ Load Controller
Enphase IQ Load Controller

Turns off power to nonessential appliances in the event of an outage and directs battery power to where it’s needed most.

Enphase Batteries
Enphase IQ Battery

Stores your solar power to use anytime—at night, during peak hours to reduce energy bills, or when there’s an outage and utility power is unavailable.

Enphase System Controller
Enphase System Controller

Connects the home to the grid, batteries, and solar panels, automatically detecting and seamlessly transitioning from grid power to backup power.

Enphase IQ Combiner for solar system + battery storage
Enphase IQ Combiner

A communications gateway that enables monitoring and switching between make, use, save, or sell modes for your home energy system.

Enphase App on mobile phone

The Enphase App

The power of the sun at your fingertips

Simple, easy-to-use, intuitive

The all-in-one Enphase App handles everything from the controls and system settings to account management and support all in a single interface.

Enphase App Icon get data

Get data from each solar panel by day, month, year, or enter a range.

Enphase App Icon get system vitals

Know your energy system vitals in real-time.

Enphase App Icon view energy production

View your energy production and consumption over time.

Enphase App Icon seamlessly disconnect

Seamlessly disconnect your home from the utility grid at the tap of a button.

Enphase App Icon choose which appliances to backup

Choose which appliances to back up and prioritize in the event of an outage.

Enphase App Icon get customer support

Contact customer support and troubleshoot your system directly in the Enphase App.

Enphase App Icon get alerts

Get alerts about extreme weather events so you can prepare the property to stay powered during an outage.

Enphase App Icon sell surplus energy

Sell surplus electricity back to your utility provider for cash or credit on your bill.

Enphase App Icon smart settings

Smart settings automatically optimize backup power, energy savings, or both.

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