Hysolis Apollo 5K Solar Generator: Portable Power for Home, RV, and Job Site

Do you need energy backup for your home but want to avoid large batteries bolted to a wall? Would you like to use your stored battery power in your RV or on a job site? Now, you can take your energy to go with the Hysolis Apollo 5K Solar Generator! And it qualifies for a 30% federal tax credit. Click here for pricing.


Plug in at home for battery backup, or unplug the solar generator and use it as a portable energy source. Combined with solar panels, the Hysolis Apollo 5K Solar Generator becomes a complete off-grid system that features:

• A 5kWh Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery
• A 3,000-watt inverter with a surge capacity of 5,000 watts
• The ability to take up to 4,400 watts of solar panels
• A solar input voltage range of 120V – 500V
• A breaker for the solar panel inputs and a grounding rod and cable (if needed)

Image of the front of Hysolis Apollo 5K Solar Generator

Modular Design

Need more storage? Simply add more batteries! The Hysolis Apollo 5K Solar Generators come in 5kWh additions. You can also combine two units to get 240 volts for 6,000 watts of power (10,000 watts surge), which allows you to power larger loads at home.

Most portable solar generators only allow you to plug in a few hundred watts of solar. But the Apollo takes up to 4,400 watts of solar panels ranging from 120V to 500V, so you can use full-size residential or commercial solar panels (as well as thin film solar panels). Perfect for a small home system, RV, shop, tiny home, etc!

Build Quality

The build quality is one of the best features of the Hysolis Apollo 5K Solar Generator. The connectors and cables, like residential and commercial solar equipment, are of high quality.


Most importantly, the generator is built for safety by including a breaker for the solar panel inputs. Turning it off before plugging in solar panels eliminates the chance of any sparking. The Apollo is the only generator on the market currently offering this.

Hysolis Apollo 5K Solar Generator Video Collection
Click the forward button to scroll through our collection of videos that includes an overview, quick set-up, and connections to tiny homes and power tools.

Wrap Up

The Hysolis Apollo 5K Solar Generator is a versatile, powerful energy solution perfect for various needs. The Apollo can deliver whether you need a backup power supply for your home, a portable power source for your RV or job site, or a complete off-grid system. Click here to purchase!

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