Project Management, Research & Design


 Central Coast Solar Brokers provides the right solutions for your residential and commercial solar projects. Our solar industry services include processing and submitting interconnection paperwork, SGIP applications, and rebates. 

We also offer research and design services for Requests for Proposals, solar proposals for large-scale and commercial projects, and company presentations.

Interconnection Paperwork

Completing and submitting Interconnection paperwork is necessary but time-consuming for solar installation companies. So let us save you time and energy by handling the process from start to finish. We understand the interconnection process and know what utility companies expect to receive.

SGIP & Rebate Applications

Your customers want to take advantage of all available state and federal solar incentives. And we can help! From SGIP applications to rebate processing, our experts will complete all necessary applications, upload any supporting documentation, and remain vigilant until all incentives are honored and issued.

Requests for Proposals

Get the best bid from the right vendor with our Request for Proposal (RFP) service. Our combined technical writing and solar development expertise ensure your project's success! Your RFP will include clearly defined goals, contract terms, timeline, and budget parameters.

Proposals & Presentations

Responding to an RFP or championing your company's services requires visually compelling proposals and presentations. With decades of content production experience, we will help your business stand out! And promote your expertise with engaging and dynamic content and design.
Project management, solar proposals and design services
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Our staff has vast experience in content production, technical writing, and project management. We’ve honed these skills to ensure your applications and submissions to utility providers are accurate and adhere to current requirements. We also follow industry trends to create thorough yet visually appealing RFPs, proposals, and company presentations. Central Coast Solar Brokers is proud to provide solar industry services. Contact us today to learn more about our services that help expedite your paperwork and manage your projects.