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Partnerships are powerful. They can help businesses grow, solve problems, and make a difference. When two or more organizations come together with a shared goal, they can achieve more than they could on their own.

Here are some of the benefits of partnering with Central Coast Solar Brokers:

  • Increased reach: We can combine our social media, website links, and other marketing efforts to reach a wider audience through our partnership.
  • Improved efficiency: We can share resources and expertise by working together, saving time and money. 
  • Enhanced innovation: We can share ideas and collaborate to develop new and creative solutions for solar projects.
  • Increased impact: We can pool our resources and efforts to provide enhanced customer service and attention to detail.

Become a partner and join us in our mission to expand solar and storage on the Central Coast.

Builder Partners

We partner with builders to install solar panels and batteries in new home and business construction. Our expert service provides unbiased advice to help builders increase their sales, improve customer service, reduce costs, and increase brand awareness.

Benefits of our service:
  • We educate builders and buyers on the best solar options and equipment.
  • We coordinate solar projects and paperwork.
  • We advise builders on government incentives and regulations.
  • We have 10+ years of experience in the solar industry.
  • We work with local companies to get the best prices on equipment and installation.
  • Our Broker is licensed by the state of California and certified by Enphase.
Adding solar and batteries to new homes increases the margins for builders. And it saves homebuyers money on energy bills while improving their property value.

What we do:
  • Design the solar & battery system
  • Provide plans ready to submit for permit
  • Work with subcontractors to coordinate the solar project
  • Collaborate onsite during the installation process
  • Process warranty paperwork
  • Consult with the home buyer
  • Provide information on the latest solar technologies, regulations, tax incentives, and rebates
We want to help you build an energy-efficient, cost-saving future for your buyers! Please get in touch with us at, or call 805.668.4420. We look forward to hearing from you!

Installer Partners

We partner with reputable, local companies to install solar systems for our clients. Our expert service provides pre-qualified, installation-ready projects to help our Partners increase sales, improve customer service, and increase brand awareness.

How it Works
We represent and advise clients on their best solar solutions and procure quotes from multiple installation teams. Through our guidance, the client chooses the installer that best meets their plan, budget, and time frame.

The chosen vendor, or Partner, accepts and installs the qualified solar project. Upon completion, the Partner pays Central Coast Solar Brokers (CCSB) a negotiated commission of the total installation cost.

CCSB qualifies solar projects before requesting a Partner quote.
Qualification includes:
  • Consultation
  • Gather utility info & usage
  • Site visit
  • Determine any electrical upgrades
  • Design & size system
  • Confirm payment method and financing needs

CCSB will remain in contact with the client throughout and after the installation.

How to Qualify as a Partner
A Partner is an established solar installation company with a C-10 license. The Partner provides quotes to CCSB and installs projects for our clients.

The Partner is responsible for all aspects of the installation, including:
  • Electrical Upgrades (as needed)
  • Permitting
  • Equipment & Tools
  • Interconnection Paperwork
  • City/County Inspections
  • Warranty & Repair
The Partner provides the following key updates to CCSB:
  • Permit approval
  • Scheduling date(s)
  • Install completion date(s)
  • Inspection date(s)
  • Online monitoring setup
  • Permission to Operate
  • Completion of any additional work (e.g., electrical upgrades)
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CCSB is always on the lookout for qualified solar installation Partners. Please get in touch with us at, or call 805.668.4420. We look forward to hearing from you!

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