Solar Brokers FAQ

Using a broker to go solar gives you a huge advantage over working with a company salesperson! You’ll be better informed about your choices, have a clearer understanding of the process, and be far more satisfied with your decisions and outcome. Read through the FAQs to learn more.

What is a solar broker?

Unlike company salespeople, solar brokers are independent consultants who provide unbiased advice and all information necessary to help their clients make informed decisions about going solar.

What is the solar broker’s process to obtain client quotes?

To fully understand the scope of a solar project, 1) your broker will assess the property’s past utility usage and determine any future electrical loads (e.g., electric car purchase). 2) Your broker will conduct a site visit to check out the property and the existing electrical panel for possible upgrades. 3) Your solar broker will then obtain multiple quotes from local installation companies and qualify the best choice for your project.

Is the solar broker involved in the system installation?

Once the best quote is accepted, the solar broker continues to advise and represent the client. The installation company will provide the contract and warranties, necessary permits, and equipment. The installer will also oversee the inspection, permission to operate, and online monitoring setup and instruction (if included). Your solar broker will act as a liaison, ensuring each task is completed to specifications and your satisfaction.

How does the solar broker get paid?

Your solar broker makes a commission from the installation company. The percentage ranges depending on the type and size of the solar system.

Does the solar broker offer consultations for off-grid projects?

Yes! Central Coast Solar Brokers offer consultations for DIY solar projects. Your broker can help determine system size, advise on equipment needs, design the system and assist in obtaining the necessary permits. Call to find out more about our off-grid pricing package.

Do Central Coast Solar Brokers offer commercial solar services?

Absolutely! We save property owners and facility managers the time and hassle of obtaining solar quotes.