Solar Kit Provides Reliable Power for Remote Locations

Getting solar power in remote areas just got a lot easier. A new company called Vroom Solar, based out of Missouri has developed a DIY solar kit that can produce usable AC power directly from the sun without using batteries.

Solar to Go

The Vroom Solar system is easy to install by a novice in two hours on vehicles, trailers, work trucks, cargo vans, shipping containers, railroad cars, and off-grid tiny homes.

vroom solar DIY kits for installing on trucks
vroom solar DIY kits for installing on trailers
vroom solar DIY kits for installing on containers

Solar-Direct Power

Vroom Solar has a patent pending on what they are calling Solar-Direct. The kits use four or eight solar panels that plug directly into the Vroom Solar control center. The control center has four 110v AC outlets to plug in tools or batteries.

The systems are capable of producing between 1,600 to 3,000 DC watts. DC from the solar panels gets converted to AC in the controller and made available through the outlets numbered 1 through 4. Outlet number 1 gets priority over the other three outlets. The higher the number of the outlet, the lower the priority.

The amount of energy available depends on the amount of sunlight. The kits can power all four outlets when the sun is shining brightly. However, as the available sunlight falls (from cloud cover), the controller will start turning off the AC outlets, beginning with the lowest priority (#4), and will continue shutting down others as required.

When the sun returns (out of a cloud), the AC outlets will become available again based on how much power is left over.

See how it works! Watch the video for company and product details.

No Grid Needed

This setup would be perfect for contractors needing to run tools and charge batteries at job sites without power. It’s also great for use in sheds or outbuildings without electricity. 

Here are some of the benefits of the Vroom Solar kit:

  • Easy to install
  • Designed for use in remote areas
  • Produces up to 3,000 DC watts of power
  • Distributes power to four 110v AC outlets
  • Turns AC outlets off/on as needed based on the amount of energy available
The Vroom Solar kit is an innovative solution for power in remote areas. Visit Vroom Solar to learn more.
Vroom solar DIY kit for outdoor medical backup
Vroom solar DIY kit for remote charging
Vroom solar DIY kit for outdoor vehicle charging