What is a Solar Broker?

When I tell people I’m a solar broker, they sometimes ask, “what is a solar broker?” Basically, I’m an independent solar consultant. But I offer much more than solar advice. I advocate for the solar industry and for people going solar. 

solar brokers

Simplifying the Solar Process

A professional solar broker is a solar consultant who works with multiple installation companies. They help homeowners and businesses find the best solar equipment and project installers. Most importantly, solar brokers offer expert, unbiased advice, options, and solutions to help clients make informed decisions.

Solar brokers have experience working with diverse clients and installation companies on various projects. As a result, they have a deep understanding of the industry and the process of going solar. They can also help clients find the best financing options and available tax incentives.

Solar brokers save their clients time and money by:

  • Simplifying the solar process. Solar brokers help clients find the best solutions for their solar and solar + storage projects.
  • Finding the best deals. Solar brokers help clients find the best solar equipment, batteries, and installation deals. 
  • Providing support after the sale. Solar brokers offer support after the sale to help clients get the most out of their solar systems. They help clients troubleshoot problems, monitor their systems, and answer questions.

If you are considering going solar, working with an experienced solar broker will help you navigate the complex process. And save you time, money, and energy. Contact me today for a consultation and custom solar solutions.

Image of Mike Shaheen, Solar Broker
Mike Shaheen, Solar Broker

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